Keep all your receipts and make a claim. Don't panic, you have 15 days to do so.

What you need to know

As with any insurance contract, if you wish to benefit from your Assur'Glisse cover, you must follow a claims declaration procedure, which must be initiated within 15 days of the accident, and includes the submission of supporting documents. This procedure is administered by our insurance broker WTW Montagne. 
WTW Montagne will be your point of contact throughout the processing of your claim

REMINDER: Assur'Glisse insurance policies exempt you from paying in advance the costs of search and rescue and initial medical transport (barquette, ambulance, helicopter). The cost of on-slope rescue is paid directly to the Municipality in which your resort is located, and the cost of medical transport is paid directly by the insurer to the transport services that have taken charge of you. If a transport company has asked you to pay an invoice, this is not normal. Report it as a matter of urgency to the resort and to WTW Montagne.

Gather the supporting documents required by the insurer

All claims are processed manually and scrupulously checked by the WTW Montagne customer service and claims teams. Supporting documents are absolutely essential for two main reasons:
  1. To eliminate the risk of fraud. Any insurance fraud is punishable by severe penalities in the French Law
  2. To ensure that you are compensated in accordance with your contract. Assur'Glisse solutions provide you with comprehensive cover, so you have extensive rights. The WTW Montagne Claims Department checks all the documents you provide, so as to limit your out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible, within the limits of the policy you have taken out.

In all cases

  • Proof of sale or the original of your lift pass as proof of insurance*.
  • Your proof of insurance purchase if you bought your insurance on
  • Your bank details
*If it has been kept by the resort's Rescue Service, please inform WTW Montagne Customer Service.

In the case of

a skiing accident

  • A medical certificate stating the nature of the injuries and contraindicating the practice of sports

In the case of 


  • A medical certificate stating the nature of the illness
  • Copy of your hospitalisation record indicating the length of stay

If you return home unexpectedly early

  • Any document justifying the cause and date of your early return* 
**example of document justifying a return date: toll ticket, train ticket, etc.

If necessary, the first-aid office (ski patrol) at your ski resort or its sales department, as well as the medical centre or the various service providers you have met, can issue you with duplicates of certain documents. Don't hesitate to ask.

Make your claim

Whenever possible, you should make your claim via the WTW Montagne website. At the end of the claim process, you will be given a claim number, which you can then use for all correspondence with Customer Services.

Claim online

Click on the image or on the button below, and on the landing page, use the "Report your claim" button.

Declaration by email or post

You can download a claim form, fill it in and send it by email or post to Customer Services.

#PATIENCE Claims are recorded and processed by Customer Services in the order in which they are received. Don't worry if you don't receive any news immediately after submitting your claim online. You will receive confirmation of your claim when it has been processed by an administrator, and it can take several days to open a claim during the peak season

Any questions?

WTW Montagne Customer Service is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm   //  +33 (0)9 72 72 22 45