Assur'Glisse Saison Premium Fond 
Nordic skiing    -    Winter season

Are you going to be cross-country skiing regularly during the season, both at your favourite resort and on unfamiliar trails? Do you know that falls are a frequent occurrence, in both classic and skating styles, and that even the most experienced skiers are rarely spared? Protect yourself with Assur'Glisse Saison Premium Fond, which covers you for all costs linked to an accident, repatriates you and your vehicle if necessary... Please note that you need a season nordic pass from one of the resorts in our network to link your insurance to!

Main risks covered by Assur'Glisse Saison Premium Fond

Summary of guarantees, non-binding document
GUarantEe 1.
Costs for search, rescue and initial medical transport, with no advance for expenses
  • up to the actual costs if the accident occurs in France
  • capped at €15,245 if the accident occurs in a neighbouring country
ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM FOND covers the billable costs of rescue and search in the ski area, including helicopter costs, following the intervention of a professional rescue service.

ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM FOND covers the cost of transporting the insured person from the scene of the accident to the medical centre best suited to the nature of his/her injuries and back to his/her place of residence in the resort. When these operations are carried out by professionals under agreement with ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM, the insured person will not have to pay anything in advance. Otherwise, reimbursement will be made on presentation of the original invoice paid by the authorised organisation or local authority.

GUarantEe 2.
Reimbursement of the NORDIC pass

If, as a result of an insured accident or illness, the insured person is medically unable to ski until the end of the season in question, ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM FOND will reimburse the unused period of the season on a pro rata basis, starting the day after the event occurs, based on medical proof.

The insured person must send the original nordic pass to WTW Montagne immediately, as evidenced by the postmark. In case of loss or theft of the season pass purchased more than three days ago, we will reimburse the price of the said pass or the management fees for reissuing the pass, subject to presentation of the following supporting documents
- receipt of the declaration of loss or theft to the local authorities,
- proof of payment of the pass with insurance,
- proof of payment for the purchase of a new pass.

Compensation is granted only once per person and per insurance period and is limited to a maximum of 20€ for the management costs of reissuing the season pass.

Lack of snow: if more than 50% of the ski area to which the pass gives access is closed for 1 consecutive month due to lack of snow, the pass will be reimbursed at 50% of its value.

GUarantEe 3.
Reimbursement of medical and hospitalization expenses in France following a ski accident

This benefit is granted to the beneficiary of a valid ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM FOND insurance policy, residing in Geographic Europe and victim of a guaranteed ski accident in the ski area accessible by his ski pass.

ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM FOND will reimburse hospitalization (including daily rates) and medical expenses, up to a maximum of €1,500 per person and per policy period, up to the amount payable by the insured after deduction of the contractual deductible from the Social Security and/or any other insurance or welfare organization.

Only care provided in the nearest health care facilities to the resort where the insured skis and the most appropriate to his/her state of health, or care on return to his/her home, prescribed and begun within 30 days of the date of the accident, will be eligible for reimbursement.

In order to benefit from this coverage, the insured person must submit his or her request for reimbursement to the organizations on which he or she depends. ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM will only reimburse the difference between the actual costs incurred and the costs covered by the various organizations to which the insured belongs, within the limit of the above-mentioned coverage.

GUarantEe 4. 
Assistance, repatriation in Geographic Europe

All holders of a valid ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM FOND insurance policy residing in geographical Europe, who are victims of an insured accident, are eligible for assistance.

- Implementation of services: any request for assistance must, in order to be admissible, be made beforehand and directly to the services of MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE by telephone at 01 55 98 71 46. In all cases, decisions concerning the nature, appropriateness and organization of the measures to be taken belong exclusively to the medical service of MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE.

- Repatriation: if the state of health of the insured requires repatriation, this is organized and paid for by MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE from the place where the insured person is immobilized to his/her home or to the hospital establishment adapted to his/her state of health in Geographical Europe. MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE will pay for the additional transport costs of persons insured under ASSUR'GLISSE SAISON PREMIUM FOND accompanying the immobilized insured person, insofar as the means initially planned for their return to Geographical Europe cannot be used due to the repatriation.

Garantie 5.
Cancellation coverage
For nordic passes booked and paid for more than 48 hours before the date of use, we guarantee the reimbursement of your ski lift pass and/or your ski/snowboard lessons following the occurrence of one of the following events, which formally prevents your participation in the guaranteed activity:
  • a temporary or permanent incapacity of: yourself, your legal or de facto spouse, your ascendants or descendants (1st degree), your brothers, sisters. If you cannot establish the reality of this incapacity or if the information provided does not prove the materiality of the facts, we can refuse your request.
  • the death of: yourself, your legal or de facto spouse, your ascendants or descendants of the 1st degree, your brothers, sisters.
  • serious material damage resulting from a burglary, a fire, water damage, a climatic event requiring your presence on site on the day scheduled for your departure, for the implementation of protective measures and administrative procedures, and affecting more than 50% of your main residence.
  • the lack of snowfall occurring in the 48 hours preceding the departure and reaching more than 50% of the ski area. The closure of more than 50% of the ski area must be confirmed by the closure of a certain number of ski lifts and by the percentage of opening of the ski area communicated by the company operating the ski area concerned. If however you maintain your stay and it is noted during the period of validity of your ski pass an average closure of the ski area of more than 50%, we will reimburse your ski pass up to the percentage of closure of the ski area.
  • the impossibility of access to the resorts for a period of more than 24 consecutive hours, following the occurrence of a climatic event certified by the Mayor of the commune of the resort concerned, preventing you from reaching the site of your stay by any means whatsoever (road, train, plane).
  • Your redundancy or that of your spouse, common-law partner or P.A.C.S. partner, provided that the invitation to the individual interview has not been received before the day of booking the package.
  • Your professional transfer, non-disciplinary, imposed by your employer, obliging you to move within eight (8) days before the beginning of the validity date of the package or during the duration of the package and provided that the transfer was not known at the time of booking the package.
  • Modification of the date of your paid leave by your employer: this guarantee is granted to salaried employees, excluding craftsmen, merchants, members of a liberal profession, managers or legal representatives of a company. This leave, corresponding to an acquired right, must have been agreed upon by the employer prior to the subscription of the present contract
The amount of coverage:
The indemnities due under the above guarantees are cumulative and may not exceed, for the reimbursement of your ski lessons, 400 € per person and per claim and 1200 € per family and per claim.

The consequences of the following circumstances and events are excluded:
  • illnesses or accidents that were first diagnosed, treated, relapsed, aggravated or hospitalized between the date of booking your trip and the date of taking out this policy;
  • pathologies that have not stabilized and that have been diagnosed or treated within 30 days prior to the reservation of the trip;
  • voluntary interruption of pregnancy, childbirth, invitro fertilization and their consequences as well as pregnancies that have resulted in hospitalization in the 6 months preceding the request for assistance;
  • the omission of any vaccination or preventive treatment required for the destination of your trip;
  • epidemics, the local health situation, pollution, meteorological or climatic events, except for article 1.5;
  • natural disasters occurring abroad, the determining cause of which is the abnormal intensity of a natural agent and those covered by the procedure referred to in law n° 82-600 of July 13, 1982;
  • les procédures pénales dont vous feriez l’objet; any event occurring between the date you booked your trip and the date you took out this policy.
The Insured person may waive the contract within 14 calendar days following the subscription if he/she can prove that he/she has previous coverage for the same risk and if he/she has not already had a contract coverage cancelled. The request for waiver must be made to the insurance sales outlet. See terms and conditions in the general conditions..

Other exclusions to insurance covers

We make sure that our insurance policies are as comprehensive as possible, but there are a few things that are excluded from cover. Make sure you're happy with them before you sign up!

Objects and sports equipment rented, loaned or belonging to the insured are not covered in the event of an accident.


  • Pregnancy
  • Expenses for prostheses, dental implants and optics [lenses, frames, contact lenses]
  • Illness not involving hospitalisation


  • The use of motor vehicles
  • Aerial sports such as paragliding and hang gliding
  • Bobsleighing, ice hockey and skeleton
  • Sledding
  • Bungee-jumping


  • Tobogganing as a sport on a race track
  • Sports practised as a professional
  • Participation in official competitions organised by or under the aegis of a sport
  • federation


  • Fines
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Deliberate acts of the policyholder
  • Deliberate non-compliance with recognised safety rules for any insured sporting activity


what you need to know b4 & after subscribing...


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Before taking out insurance, read the contractual documents*

*Buying Assur'Glisse Saison Premium Fond insurance means taking out an insurance policy for the same person, for the same period and in the same place as your skipass. You need to know the conditions.

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