Understanding Assur'Glisse ski insurance (and rules of ski insurance in France)

Is it compulsory to take out ski insurance?

Not compulsory, but essential! All users of ski areas are free to choose whether or not to take out ski insurance, and everyone is free to choose the insurance that suits them best.

Question #1: Do you know the cost of on-piste rescue?
Every skier should be aware of the cost of rescue in the event of an accident on the slopes, because accidents don't just happen to other people. It's the law that these costs are charged to the injured party, and the amounts can be high. We give you a few examples on this page, but above all, check the local costs in your destination resort; they should be displayed at the Town Hall and ski lift ticket offices.

Question #2: Are you already insured or not? Really?
Most skiers believe, often mistakenly, that they are well covered, either by their credit card embedded insurance covers or their home insurance contract, etc. Our advice is to check once again: check your cover rather than believing that you are well insured. Is your family covered too? Do you have to pay in advance before being reimbursed?

" Ski resorts have developed specialist insurance precisely because they realised that their skiers were too often inadequately insured for mountain sports and leisure activities."

Patrick, communications manager for Assur'Glisse

Why choose Assur'Glisse?

Solid guarantees
Assur'Glisse solutions are the result of work initiated by Orion Ticket Neige, a cooperative company of mountain resorts of all sizes which, for over 30 years, have decided to provide their customers with specialised insurance services, in particular to :
- avoid them having to pay in advance the cost of rescue services on the slopes and the 1st medical transport (barquette, ambulance, helicopter),
- provide them with cover, usually with no upper limit, for all cost items, to avoid a lack of guarantees

Leading players
Assur'Glisse solutions are solidly backed by the expertise of WTW Montagne, an insurance broker specialist of mountains risks, and Mutuaide Assistance, an insurer and assistance provider specialising in sports and leisure insurance.

An ethical approach
Our work is a collective commitment to customer experience and peace of mind, to the safety of skiers and the serenity of piste services responsible for escorting the victims of skiing accidents, and the local authorities responsible for rescue on their ski areas. It operates within the framework of a "cooperative company for collective interest" (SCIC) / Visit International Cooperative Alliance's website to know more about cooperative companies.

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Assur'Glisse, an option for your skipass / nordic pass


How does it work?

Our downhill or cross-country skiing + snowboard insurance policies do not work without a transport pass / ski pass / cross-country pass. Assur'Glisse solutions are always options on these tickets, and the insurer of the Assur'Glisse contract requires an exact match between the beneficiary of the insurance and the skipass, dates and places of use. As a result, you cannot benefit from your insurance if you do not have a linked skipass / nordic pass issued by a member of Orion-TN cooperative company.
  1. When you buy your skipass / Nordic pass with ski insurance, at a skilift ticket office, nordic ticket office, or on a mountain resort website, on or, the connection between skipass and ski insurance is automatic.
  2. If you buy your ski / snowboard insurance on (, you will be asked for proof of skipass buying that meets the three conditions of "beneficiary + dates + places" for the ski insurance to be valid.
Therefore to subscribe, choose your ski resort, your activity, your dates and the people to be insured.

Frequently asked questions

Where can you find out more about our solutions?

To help you with your ski / snowboard insurance buying, and to help you benefit from your cover when you need it, there are several pages of answers to frequently asked questions.
- On the WTW Montagne Customer Service Website (scroll down the page to the FAQ section)
- On (page dedicated to commercial and technical insurance questions)

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